March 17, 2010

This is all I have managed to find Peter. It’s fragments but it seems to indicate De Vier got out of the country fast after the story broke. A friend of Salazar might have helped him. My money is on South America. A lot of them went there and he seems to have made friends in those quarters. I’ll try again but it takes a lot of energy to get the servers running and then it’s only for seconds. The data is on there but I can’t get it all at once. The SOCA encryptions are all still in place as well. It takes time. The strangest thing is there’s a transcript of you talking to someone. Either someone’s still using the server (Bill suggested they might be hoarding power) or you’re  time-travelling!

Take them down quick. It shows up on the mini-grid fast.


March 9, 2010

Kurt Breitner, born 14/11/15, served on the Eastern Front at Jitomir and in Belgium at the Battle of the Bulge with Joachim Peiper’s ‘Blowtorch Battalion’ of the 1st SS Panzer Regiment. Graduating from the Hitler Youth into the Waffen-SS Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s personal bodyguard, Breitner was considered an exceptional solder. After the war began to turn against the axis powers the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitlerbecame a frontline unit joining Peiper’s 1st SS Panzer Regiment where they gained their nickname from the style of their anti-partisan operations, which involved burning entire villages to the ground. Breitner was with the regiment at the time of the Malmedy Massacre during the Battle of the Bulge. After the war it is thought Breitner escaped via Italy to England, where he changed his identity and remained undetected, even starting a family. In 1978 a man thought to be Breitner committed suicide at his residence in Oxford. There remains some suspicion over his death. It has been speculated that a group of Jewish ‘avengers’ who tracked down and killed ex-SS men, led by Abba Kovner a survivor of the Vilna ghetto uprising, might have been involved in the death.

Excerpt from The Blowtrorch Battalion: Peiper’s Pyschopaths by Ronald Peterson, Garden Books: London, 1984.

March 8, 2010
SOCA evidence#1342, Case #400535. 12/06/2035. HMG vs. Hugh De Vier


WandaSalazar: Morning everyone!!! New series meetings this week!!! so excited…

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From: Hugh De Vier

Subject: New Series

Date: 3 March 2020 09:01:23 GMT

To: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney, Room 116


Have you reviewed the viewing figures for last year’s series? Where did the audiences go? Most episodes we didn’t make the fifteen-minute before mass switch-off. We’re down so many points that we are screwed in this months sweeps. No advertiser will come near us. Jesus, Edgar. Some one is for the chop and it is not going to be me. I’m looking at you, Edgar. If there’s pressure from the morons upstairs I will need a fall guy and your round head is looking like humpty dumpty to me. Okay? What do we have for this series? It had better be good. I do not want to have to resort to plugola again to pay the mortgage. The network saw all of those very cleverly placed things around the set and put two and two together. We are already tabloid TV but we might have to go spectacularly trash on this.

We need a spectacular.


P.s. Where is M’Bekki? We need his investment.


From: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney

Subject: Re: New Series

Date: 3 March 2020 09:22:45 GMT

To: Hugh De Vier


I will be talking to Yamamoto today and impressing on him the leaps the next series will be taking. I don’t know how much we could lose in the sweeps but I’m sure Yamamoto will be loyal.

Re. the next series, I have the whole team working on it now. We can call in Random and Poltiverse Inc. as well. I’ll get the ideas team from Forwardintothegreatwideyonder to come in for a brainstorm.

I take it Mrs. De Vier is well,



3 March 2020 09:24

Mrs. De Vier is none of your business.

From: 07546345726


WandaSalazar: I’ll let you all know the inside gossip on the new series as it happens!!!

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From: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney

Subject: Renegotians

Date: 3 March 2020 10:34:32 GMT

To: Mato Yamamoto

Dear Mr. Yamamoto,

As you will be aware the new series of House Bound is being discussed next week. Would it be possible to schedule a meeting to discuss the Yamamoto corporation’s ongoing sponsorship of the program. If you let me know when you would be available I will be able to suggest a suitable time for both of us.


Edgar De’Montfort Delaney


The Times 04/03/20

Japanese reality show contestant killed in grisly murder live on television.

Last night Japan was in a state of deep shock after a contestant on the reality television show ‘Big House Small Minds’ murdered another live on the air. Shiro Chiba decapitated Fumiko Yushida with an axe that the contestants had been given to chop wood for a trial. Yushida’s head was held up for the cameras whilst the other five contestants barricaded themselves in the communal bedroom. It took police two hours to talk Chiba into surrendering to the authorities. The cameras did not switch off and reports from Tokyo are that ‘Big House Small Minds’ is not going off air. Yushida’s family have given their consent for the program to continue and the other contestants have decided to stay in the house. ‘Big House Small Minds’ creators Shallow Pool have reported their viewing figures for the live feed rising significantly.

Paul Trotwood, Tokyo.


From: Hugh De Vier

Subject: Chiba

Date: 4 March 2020 09:04:59 GMT

To: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney


Did you read about ‘Big House Small Minds’ in The Times? Can we get this Chiba chap on our show? TeleCorp owns the Japanese company doesn’t it? He’ll have a contract. Just blue sky thinking but…? I don’t know how. Imagine!



From: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney

Subject: Re: Chiba

Date: 4 March 2020 10:45:15 GMT

To: Hugh De Vier


Looked into it. Not impossible. We own his contract and all of our new contestants have signed ‘all in’ contracts. TeleCorps owns them all.

When do you want Wanda in?



WandaSalazar: Anyone tried Yamamoto running shoes? Sooooo good with the treadmill!!!!

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From: Hugh De Vier

Subject: Re: Re: Chiba

Date: 4 March 2020 13:43:47 GMT

To: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney


Get her in tomorrow. The idiot’s probably forgotten we’re starting a new series.

I have another idea,



From: Mato Yamamoto

Subject: Re: Renegotians

Date: 4 March 2020 15:53:21 GMT

To: Edgar De’Montfort Delaney

Dear Mr. De’Montfort Delaney,

In regards to your enquiry about possible renegotiations, the Yamamoto Corporation has some reservations about the programs points’ loss during the last series, especially concerning the fifteen-minute mark. We do not want to pay for a limited fifteen-minute window of effective viewer contact time. I am sure that you understand this concern and I want our meetings to begin with this at the forefront of everybody’s minds.

I will be available on the 7 March at 9:00 AM.

Until then,

Yours sincerely,

Mato Yamamoto


4 March 2020 16:01

Shit, shit, shit, H. Y used ‘concern’ and ‘reservation’ in email. He has ratings anxiety. In on Friday @ 9.

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The Times 04/03/20

President Missing In West African Country Still ‘In Hospital.’

According to reports coming out of the small West African country of East Mawali the president Joseph Prince M’Bekki has disappeared. The church is calling for an emergency meeting to discuss the vise-president taking charge and citing the ‘power vacuum’ as ‘potentially destabilizing’ for the newly formed democracy. The fears are that the army has spirited the president away and is planning a bloodless coup. It is unknown whether the army is fully behind the president but foreign commentators speculate that they are not. The 42 regional governors have met to call for the ailing president to step down amidst angry scenes in the Hopetown parliament buiding, as pro- and anti- M’Bekki elements of the cabinet shouted each other down. The official line is that M’Bekki went in to hospital in Yemen for a routine operation two weeks ago and that he will return as soon as he is ready. ‘The president is absolutely fine and this is all over nothing,’ a government spokesman told Reuters.

Roger Allforum, Hopetown.


WandaSalazar: @DeKruetz In the meeting now!!! I’ll let u no how it goes.

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DeKruetz: @ WandaSalazar Thank you Wanda. Good luck.

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Big House, Small Minds: The Inside Story.

Chapter Thirteen.

By Edgar De’Montfort Delaney with Paul Strutter

Inside the meeting room seven plastic chairs were arranged around a pale wooden table. There was a white board in one corner and a large Yucca plant by the door. Edgar De’Montford Delaney was arranging biscuits on a white porcelain plate. He wanted the darker Bourbon biscuits to surround lighter Digestives with the lightest, the Rich Teas sat on the top. He was aware that no one liked the Rich Teas. His theory was that people might be too embarrassed to pick them off to get to the lower level biscuits, so might eat them first. He then arranged pens and paper around the table and made sure the chairs were straight before going over his notes again.

Hugh opened the door talking on his mobile. Edgar jumped nervously, caught by surprise. “Sorry I’m late, E. Is Wanda not here yet?” Hugh said, switching his mobile onto silent and putting in the company’s password into the Wi-Fi settings. His phone always forgot the password and he ended up manually putting in the long, nonsensical string of numbers and letters. It always put him in a bad mood as he inevitably fat-fingered some part of it and had to start again.

“Not yet, Hugh. She’s a bit like that Marianas Trench[i] thingy.”

“Biscuit, Hugh?” Edgar handsomely pointed at the carefully arranged plate.

“No… Actually, yes, why not?” Hugh said, going straight for a Bourbon from the lowest layer, knocking all of the Rich Teas on to the table. Edgar went around the table and began to rearrange the pile.

“Stop being such a woman, E.”

“Sorry, Hugh.”

“Where is this ridiculous airhead? Have you read her Twitter? She is definitely not a crash kid[ii]. I know there’s a moratorium on spelling and grammar in there but that doesn’t include sentient thought as well, does it? I wish we had robots capable of giggling at live feeds and introducing segments… Oh! Hello, Wanda!”

Wanda stood in the doorway, leaning on the frame and tapping an unlit cigar on her watch. She was wearing high heels, leggings and a grey fur coat. Her hair was dyed blue. “Not late am I, Hugh?”

“Not at all my dear. Would you like a biscuit?”

“No thanks. I’m sucking a cigar. My trainer said it would help with my nicotine cravings.”

“Still trying to give up?”

“Yes, and failing.”

“Take a seat, Wanda. Edgar, when are the others arriving?”

“Not for half an hour.”

“Great. Now Wanda, what do you know about ‘Big House, Small Minds?”


WandaSalazar: OMG!!! This series is gonna blow your mind!! J

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WandaSalazar: I’m so sorry. None of this was my idea.

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[i] The Marianas Archipelago Freighter Incident.

In 1964 a Japanese freighter ran aground on the shore of a small island in the Marianas Archipelago. The chain of islands is on the edge of the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of any ocean on planet Earth. You could sit Mt. Everest on the bottom of the trench and the peak would still be two thousand metres below the surface of the water. At the bottom the water pressure is over a thousand times that of sea level. Exploratory submersibles have seen plastic bags & crushed cola cans floating in the currents near the bottom. The local Chamorro tribe believe that the Marianas Trench is both the birthplace and after world for all people on earth.

The Japanese freighter, covered with barnacles, dwarfed the palm trees on the beach. Its colossal bow, scraped and dented, cut a wedge into the sand in the shallows just beyond the surf. The Chamorro gathered on the shoreline to wait for the inhabitants to disembark from the giant ship.

But nobody appeared.

The tribe waited until evening then realised nothing more would happen that day. Leaving a guard of three men, the chief decided to return the next morning and to send out boats to try to make contact with the freighters crew. The islands Christian missionary declared it a Japanese navy ship from the Second World War, him being a veteran of the conflict. The chief asked him to leave, that he could handle the situation himself.

In the morning the three night guards reported nothing strange and the tribes vigil began again. After sending a boat with his finest warriors and his priest as negotiator, the chief was confused to find the boat still unresponsive. So he decided to send his cleverest warrior shimmying up the anchor chain that hung from the ship to investigate. The warrior, after waving from the deck of the freighter, did not return. So a second, third, and fourth was sent up the chain to disappear until the chief decided he could not risk any more men.

And then a creaking sound came from the ship, a deep metallic rumble and a high screech, which caused the Chamorro to run up the beach to the safety of a group of palm trees. Then at the bough black dots began appearing over the edge of the rail. More appeared all along the boat’s sides and the chief surmised it might be the freighter’s crew. He took their assembling as an affront and remembering his four lost warriors he had his men attack the boat. His warriors fired their arrows at the row of black dots until they all disappeared.

Then it became clear to the chief that the ship was moving up the beach towards him and his men. As it crawled closer it began to shrink, getting smaller the closer it got. Parts of it folded in on its self whilst other parts unfurled into ugly, squat legs. It continued to approach him and contract until a lizard, it’s red tongue flashing, casually walked past the chief towards the group of palm trees at the top of the beach. The chief turned to watch the lizard walk past, his head in his hands. The Christian missionary was seen rubbing his eyes and reading his bible intently.

[ii] In 1973 a DC-10 crashed in the Amazon jungle with only one survivor, an eight-year-old boy from Caracas, Columbia. In 1975 another DC-10 flew into a mountain in India. The lone survivor was a six-year-old girl from Delhi. When a Boeing 737 crashed in Indonesia in 1983 a ten-year-old boy was the only survivor. In each of these cases the link seems to be the age of the survivor. In each case the children were discovered still in their seats. Because of the children’s small size their seats protected them from the shock of the impact. In 1985 a seven-year-old Jamaican child was discovered suspended from a tree still in his or her seat after a catastrophic engine failure caused the death of everybody else on board. The strangest part of each of these cases is what happened next. Each child grew up to be a mathematician, and not just any mathematician and professors with multiple MA degrees. One even went on to solve the Rehlman Conundrum, which had been unsolved for fifty years.

March 8, 2010
DOCUMENT INSERT: 05/06/35. Agent surveillance transcript #754. To: SOCA, Director, Law office, Ellroy. Original tape destroyed.Location: London: 02/04/32. Speaking: Peter Rudding/ James Collins.

PR: (conversation in background/ static) hello?

JC: Yes. I’m here Peter.

PR: Those idiots at TeleCorp…

JC (interrupting): I saw it first time round.

PR: If you think about it since all the servers went down (static/2.4 seconds) and then there is the (static/1.6 seconds) and all the blood.

JC: It was the beginning of the end for people like us. I couldn’t make adverts after that.

PR (loud noise in background): Can you hear me James?

JC: Still here.

PR: It’s almost like it all never happened…

JC (interrupting) it fucking did happen. They managed to track M’bekki down to a hotel somewhere and got funding to do the project offline. Then pre-recorded without an audience then (static/4.5 seconds) by Chiba.

PR: That is hardcore.

JC: Just played the pre-record each night as if it was live.

PR: De Viers (Hugh De Viers) is a genius. (Pause/1.3 seconds) Where is he now?

JC: He disappeared just after peak oil.

PR: To where?

JC: There was a guy called De Kruetz. His (static/1.3 seconds) was a Nazi. He got him out of the country.

PR: Do the police know where he went?

JC: No. They’re going mad trying to find him. (Ambient noise/3.7 seconds)

PR: Hold on, how could De Kruetz father be a Nazi? That’s nearly a hundred years ago.

JC: When he came to England in 1945 he was only 20 years old. He was a member of Joachim Peiper’s SS unit. They killed some GIs they captured.

PR: Doesn’t sound right.

JC (static/2.3 seconds): about it. Strange. De Kruetz was (static/1.4 seconds) old.

PR: Do you think they’ll be able to get the servers working again?

JC: Missing the internet?

PR: Missing everything. Plastics, eh?

JC: They’re working on law and order as a priority. A lot of criminals escaped in the chaos. Then energy second and the internet last.

PR: I think I’ve burnt all the wood in a ten-mile radius. (Laughter)

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